PSAT Results Are In…Now What?


It’s been a couple of months since students took the PSAT, but results just came in this week. Students can access their online reports TODAY–1/7/16 (paper reports will be available at the end of the month) and now the questions from both students and parents begin. Whether you/your student is a sophomore or a junior (or perhaps one of the freshmen who tested), you’re probably wondering what should I do now? Here are some helpful hints you might want to consider:

* Students will get more information about understanding their PSAT results in English classes this month. Our counselors are working on explaining what the score reports mean and what to do now that you know your score. You are also welcome to talk to your/your child’s counselor about the results.

* PSAT scores are fairly good predictors for performance on the SAT. Juniors should register for a Spring administration of the SAT, especially if they did pretty well on the PSAT.

* Don’t take the SAT before you prepare in some way. PSAT score reports include answers to questions and categories of questions missed. Use this information in conjunction with the My College Quickstart program (address on score report) to develop a plan of action for addressing areas for improvement.

*Scores could reveal the need for additional test prep classes. Options through Howard High School include after school or Saturday classes sponsored by the PTSA or a year long for credit course students can take during the school day.

* Score reports include information about AP Potential. Based on your PSAT scores, you could be a good candidate to enroll in one or more AP courses at Howard. Take a look at the courses that are recommended and discuss your options with your teachers and your counselor. They will help you select courses that challenge you without overwhelming you.

* Sophomores who scored at the highest levels of performance may be invited to participate in a special PSAT prep course over the summer. This program helps improve students’ chances of qualifying as a National Merit Semifinalist in their junior year. Counselors will inform students whose scores qualify them for this summer program.

* Juniors who scored at the highest levels of performance may qualify as a National Merit Semifinalist, depending on the Selection Index for this administration. Notification won’t take place until the Fall of your senior year.

If you have any questions about this topic or any other, feel free to shoot me an email at!

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