A Wave Goes a Long Way

This morning’s commute was like most other days–I made my way up Route 108 after stopping at Starbucks for a coffee and experienced a fairly uneventful drive right up until the moment I joined the mass of people converging onto Old Annapolis from both sides of Waterloo. And it was there among the throng of cars, minivans, and SUVs that I was reminded of an essential lesson of driving–the courtesy wave.

Although you learn about maintaining a safe following distance when you take Driver’s Ed, they don’t teach you about the courtesy wave. You might be asked to parallel park when you take your driving test, but there’s no assessment for the courtesy wave. I’m not even sure that moms and dads are talking about this when they take Junior for a spin down Route 100? This all too important “driving maneuver” is something you must learn from experience. It’s something you learn at times like your morning commute to Howard High.

Unfortunately, my focus on the courtesy wave derives from its noticeable absence this morning. The driver who forced his way into my lane (after making an illegal Road Rageright turn around the median mind you) could have created some serious road rage with his lack of a courtesy wave. Luckily for him, I was feeling pretty mellow and responded not with angry horns or rude gestures, but with more of a “hey, where’s my courtesy wave?” It could have been a much different outcome if I wasn’t in such a good mood (and generally not the type of person who succumbs to road rage).


So the next time that someone is nice enough to let you in–give them a quick courtesy wave because a wave goes a long way!

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