New Faces in Familiar Places- Part III

It was a very active summer with new hires. So much so that our introductions of new staff had to be broken up into four posts. I guess we could have just done one long post, but you might have started losing focus after a while. Anyway, here’s our next “installment” of introductions:

Mr. Zuccarini

WillI’m a Howard County native who has been pursuing music since age 7.  What started as a promising interest in classical piano and jazz keyboard for me, quickly evolved into an obsession with electric guitar, particularly rooted in Blues and Rock.  A self-taught, ear trained musician, I spent many of my years soaking up all of the music I could without the aid of formal training.  My favorite genres include Jazz, Rock, Funk, Classical, Blues, Bossa, Metal, Pop, and even some Electronica!

I received my Bachelor’s Degree from Towson University with a concentration in Music Education, Choral, and Classical Guitar.  I have performed at various local and national venues as a soloist, arranger, and accompanist.   I’m currently the full-time Guitar/Piano instructor at Howard high school in Ellicott City, Maryland and also teach a full studio of private lessons through Music and Arts in Laurel, Maryland.

In addition to my accomplishments in music and education, I can also be found repairing, modifying, and building guitars and other stringed instruments in my small home workshop, known by many local customers and musicians as, “Z-Guitarz Custom Shop.”

Mrs. Jones

JonesHello, I am a Speech-Language Pathologist in the Howard County Public School System with over a decade of speech-language experience including working with students from birth to age 21, private practice and rehabilitation services with geriatric patients. In addition to my love for working in the field of speech-language pathology, I also have a passion for helping others enhance personal and professional relationships and am the co-creator of a cultural proficiency course aimed at influencing positive change through effective communication.

Ms. Taylor

Rashel TaylorHi, my name is Rashel Taylor and I’m the Black Student Achievement Program (BSAP) Liaison at Howard High School. I’m a Howard High alumnus and a University of Maryland graduate. My role in the school is to help African American students achieve to their highest potential by continuously working to close achievement gaps. I have a passion for working with students of all ages, and run an elementary after school program after my day is done at Howard.

Ms. Metzler

MetzlerHello, my name is Lindsey Metzler and I am new to being a Special Educator/Math Teacher. I have been a para-educator in the county for almost 5 years before coming to Howard. I have my masters in Counseling Education and my undergraduate degree is in psychology. I ran track in college and I currently coach Track at Glenelg, where I attended high school. In my free time, I play rec league football, snowboard and read.

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