First Week Reflection

We’re going to take a quick break from the new staff introductions for a guest post written by Howard social studies teacher and PBIS co-coordinator Demetrius Ball, who reflects on his first week of the school year:


It’s Friday already!
It’s the first Friday of the first week of school. Where did the week go?! It was an action packed week and I really feel like it was my best first week ever. Though this is my 8th year in the classroom I did a lot of firsts this week.
I developed a vision and mission statement for my classroom and shared it with parents; students created representations of themselves or something they like with Play-Doh; we set performance and learning goals for this year; I “flew” around the classroom like an airplane and tumbled on the ground; at Back-to-School Night, parents set goals for their students and I asked them to talk to their kids about what they wanted to see; I created a class news letter; I invited an administrator to my classroom (they’re always welcome), and he saw my tumble; and I made positive contact with at least one parent every day. Wow, what a week! I’m really excited to keep the momentum going.
Is it Monday yet?

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