What It Means to Be a Senior

Today’s post is written by our four senior class officers: Sydney Hart, Grace Grossman, Zeena Patel, and Emily McCauley. Check out what they’re thinking about as they begin their last year of high school:

Senior ClassSenior year is a memorable time filled with emotions, expectations, and plans.  This is the final year of high school and the long awaited status as a high school student.  Being a senior can mean different things to everyone.

Sydney Hart (President)

…feels that being a senior means nearing the completion of one chapter in your life and preparing for the next one.  Being a senior can be exciting and intimidating at the same time.  The exciting times are the mid year dance, prom, senior week, senior boat trip, and graduation.  The intimidating times are SATs, ACTs, college applications, and planning for the future.  As a senior you are trying to stay focused and maintain grades.  Resisting senioritis is a daily challenge.  Being a senior in high school is a once in lifetime experience!

Grace Grossman (Vice President)

…feels that being a senior means having fun! Making memories with your friends that will last you a lifetime.  Doing things you have never tried before at Howard.  Having a lot of pride in our school and in each other.  Soon we will graduate and be alumni.  We will look back on Howard, and we’ll think “wow those were some good times!”

Zeena Patel (Treasurer)

…feels being a senior means to start preparing for what we’re going to do after school, whether it’s going to college, joining the workforce, or joining the military.  We’re all trying to finish off our high school careers strong and be role models for all the underclassmen so they know what they need to do in order to finish off high school successfully.

Emily McCauley (Secretary)

…feels that being a senior means appreciating your life so far and preparing for the next scary step.  It means having good times with friends and finally getting to know people you’ve never met.  It means being the role model at your school and getting involved in the many activities offered to you.  It’s time for you to have a final year of fun and laughter as children before you are launched headfirst into your future.  Take every opportunity that comes your way and get the most out of your senior year.

What are you thinking about your senior year? Make a comment below!

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