Homecoming is Just the Beginning

I don’t know about you, but I’m still riding the high from Homecoming. Ever since I’ve worked in schools, I’ve always enjoyed the excitement that comes from crazy outfits for Spirit Week, class competition in hallway decorating, school spirit shown in the pep rally and parade, and of course the exhilaration of winning the big game and getting down at the Homecoming dance. It’s a time when everyone feels great about the school and all seems right with the world.

The problem is that when Homecoming ends, the enthusiasm and school spirit often wanes for the remainder of the year until prom and graduation seem to lift our spirits again. Well, I’m here to tell you that Homecoming isn’t the end…it’s just the beginning! What you saw last week is just a preview of coming attractions:

  • Our football team is undefeated and will continue to play every Friday night (hopefully deep into the playoffs). Come out and support the Lions!
  • If football isn’t your thing, then pick from one of these sports: boys soccer, girls soccer, allied soccer, volleyball, cross country, golf, wrestling, indoor track, allied bowling, boys basketball, girls basketball, boys lacrosse, girls lacrosse, tennis, outdoor track, allied softball, and allied golf. Home and away, we need our fans there cheering us to victory!
  • Have you been clapping your hands and stomping your feet alongside our cheerleaders? In addition to performing at games, they also compete in the Fall and the Winter at various events. Counties? Regions? States? How far will they go?
  • Our marching band performs at every home game and features musicians who are also members of our Wind Ensemble and Concert Band. Check the school calendar for concert dates and times (and don’t forget about our orchestra and choir too!)
  • And how about the dance team? If you think these ladies look great out on the field, wait until you see them on the main stage. Our dance concerts will definitely impress you.
  • If you went to the club fair, you got a good glimpse of what Howard has to offer when it comes to student life. If you’re a student, be sure to get involved. If you’re a parent, tell your child to get involved. Whatever you do, don’t miss out on the great events our clubs sponsor this year!

Let’s keep the enthusiasm going. Let’s keep showing that school spirit and #Lionspride. We are Howard High School and 2015/16 is our time to shine!

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