Are You a Howard High Superfan?

It was already pretty awesome to come out to Howard sporting events and other activities, but now there’s even more of an incentive to support the Lions: the Howard High School Super Fan app. Hear about this exciting new initiative from the visionary leader who is making this idea a reality–Athletics and Activities Manager Michael Duffy:

SuperFan T shirt

What exactly is Howard Lions app/SuperFan?

The Howard Lions app is a mobile application that has been specifically designed for Howard High School.  SuperFan is the company who designed it.  The application uses the GPS in a smartphone to allow people to check in when attending events to earn points.  The points add up to prizes.  That is the program in a nutshell.

Participants also have an opportunity to earn points for posting their attendance to social media, and taking part in fan polls.  Still more points are available to participants for completing their individual profiles (10 points), using the Promo Code, “ROAR” (20 points), and having photos uploaded to the Fan Cam (5 points).

When I first saw the product last year I thought it would be a great way to encourage even more fan, student and community attendance at events.  Howard has such a strong community support, why not reward people for supporting the Lions?

Howard High School is the ONLY high school in Maryland that is using this technology to reach our students and fans, so we are excited to be at the forefront of this initiative.  We value the time and energy our students put into athletics and extra-curricular activities.  We also value our students who come to the events and support their fellow classmates.  We want to reward them for their support and for being SuperFans.

Due to the schedule of activities for when we began, the first few events are all athletics.  We are not stopping there, though.  We will also be awarding points for music concerts, drama productions, and other school-wide events.  We believe that being a SuperFan is supporting a variety of activities at Howard High School, not just one facet of student life.

I am very passionate about this endeavor.  I want to see this program succeed and thrive.  With the support of Mr. Novak as well as the Lions’ Pride athletic boosters, I believe we have come up with some great prizes for our students just for doing what they were going to do anyway.

We will be giving away food, water bottles, shirts, hats, fan experiences, and more.  But we are only scratching the surface.  We have some ideas for rewards, but we do not have them all.  We are always looking for more suggestions.

If you have not yet downloaded the app, STOP WAITING!  Get it (Search Howard Lions in the app store or on Google Play) and start earning right away.  It really is that simple.

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