Being Black in America: Women of Color

When I created this blog, I hoped that I would be able to go beyond my own weekly musings to also showcase the amazing talents of Howard’s staff and students. As the intro states, “These are the stories of the life and times of the students, staff, parents, and members of the Howard High School Community. The narratives, pictures, and videos posted on this blog showcase what’s happening at Howard as well as what we may be thinking or feeling about anything and everything at Howard, in the county, the State, the country, or even the world.” This guest post from senior Naomi Lilly is exactly what I had in mind. Check out this bold and insightful video project:

This film was made to portray different aspects from various women of African American descent on their role/opportunities in society today as an African American female. My motivation for the film came from my personal experiences. Growing up, I hated my skin color and the cultural background associated with my dark brown melanin. The journey to finding myself took years to hone. Thankfully, I can now say “my black is beautiful.” This film was created to raise awareness concerning the daunting role that is being black.  Ultimately, I want people to see the perspective of varying African American females as it pertains to their roles in everyday life. So, after five months, it’s finally finished. It’s exciting to see this dream I had become a reality. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to pull it off, but I’m glad my self doubt didn’t stop me from creating this project. Being Black in America: WOC (Women of Color) 2015, is the college film I created to display my passion for film making and social issues. I hope you all enjoy. A big thank you again to everyone who was involved.
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