Turning Things Around

So you/your child got MP 1 grades last week and maybe they weren’t what everyone was hoping for. Some C’s, maybe some D’s, perhaps even an E or two. Whatever the actual GPA, you as a student or a parent are searching for some answers. What went wrong and what will you/your student do differently to get the desired results–that’s what the focus should be right now.

Here are some questions to consider and some suggested strategies/activities to be more successful next marking period:

  • Look at the grades for MP 1–what categories presented challenges? Tests/quizzes? Projects? Homework? Is it organization and discipline with homework that will make a difference or perhaps a need to brush up on those study skills?
  • Have you talked to the teacher about how to improve? November conferences are a good time to address these concerns. For info on how to sign up for conferences, go here.
  • In addition to the teacher, your/your child’s counselor is another great resource to tap into. He/she can be a fantastic advocate within the building and can work with you/your student on how to improve study skills, organization, etc.
  • Maybe some help outside of class would be beneficial? Are you/your child taking advantage of Lionstime every Wednesday to meet with teachers and review homework/classwork/other assignments?
  • How about using the FREE tutoring services of our Math National Honor Society and our Science National Honor Society? They both tutor on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school.
  • Is Wednesday a better option? The National Honor Society offered FREE tutoring in the media center after school.
  • Drop in sessions may not be your thing, so if you’re looking for a more regimented program, you might want to sign up for the Extended Day program. Click here for an application.

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